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Our projects

Our projects are always evolving and growing. Here is a small sample of completed work.

Right Much of a Muchness: The Life and Times of the Irrepressible Margie Story Haywood. Fiercely independent. Unflinchingly loyal. Doggedly persistent. Endlessly devoted to family. Margie Story Haywood began her remarkable life in the midst of the Dustbowl in Oklahoma. As a young girl, she was sent—by herself—from Tulsa to Raleigh, to live in a town she had never seen, with an aunt and uncle she had never met. Margie made a new life in North Carolina's capital city—the city she came to call home.making life-long friends and establishing her reputation for her singular self-reliance. Margie's story is one of overcoming challenges, dealing with grief, finding solace in the simple things life has to offer, and sharing her passion for history. She often pointed to times when her life was a right much of a muchness, but she always found a way to keep on keeping on. Most of all, Margie Story Haywood.s story is about a woman with an irrepressible zest for life. Coming Soon!

Wood Meets Leather: The Ancestral Journal of the Wicks-Gerber Family by Dick Wicks
Dick Wicks invites readers to join him on a journey as he explores the ancestral roots of the Wicks-Gerber family. Starting with his most recent common ancestors of many millennia ago, he then traces his family lines — Wicks, Grotzinger, Gerber, Frank, and more — through 400 years, from Germany and England to the United States. Along the way, he shares the stories of:

DP: My Journey as a Displaced Person by Anna Glowacki Muņoz
This poignant and moving memoir takes readers on a journey of loss, danger, fear and survival. An incredible journey that started in war-torn Poland in 1938 and continued through a series of never-ending displacements. A journey made possible only through Anna's strength and resilience. Anna Glowacki Muņoz's story begins in war-torn Poland in 1938. As the war brought violence and death to so many innocent people, she and her family had their own narrow escape. Others survived thanks to the bravery of individuals like her father who took great risks to help many of the most vulnerable. Anna and her father withstood the chaos and danger because of careful planning as well as chance and good fortune. As one war closed, another threat loomed. Anna and her father fled Poland in 1948 as the Iron Curtain began to fall, escaping before they were swallowed up by a new upheaval. As a young immigrant in the U.S., she faced the prejudice and heard the taunts of children who used the epithet of DP — or Displaced Person — when they pointed at the foreigner in their midst. Anna didn't feel like a refugee, but she didn't have a permanent home either.

Alaska: Don and Linda's 50th Anniversary Adventure
This travel album commemorates a couple's trip to explore the wonder of Alaska, taken to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Lisiecki ‐ Pustz Family Photo Album by Victoria Lisiecki Pustz
For more than 30 years, Polish immigrant Victoria (Vicky) Lisiecki Pustz collected snapshots and photographs of her loved ones and assembled them in a family album. It chronicled the lives of not only her parents and siblings but also her husband and her children. With images from the 1920s to the late 1950s, it provides a glimpse of life during some of our country's most turbulent times -- the Great Depression and World War II. It also shows how a multi-generational family straddles both country life in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and city life in the Chicago area. More importantly though, it chronicles the special moments of her life and her family -- weddings, babies, sending men off to war, graduations, and the celebrations of simply enjoying time spent together. It is available at, or click here to view the interior pages.

Family Albums
Recreated from original scrapbooks and photo albums, this series of publications features reproduced original images and handwriting from albums dating from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.

Where You Lead I Will Follow: A Tribute to Meg in Words and Pictures
This tribute book celebrates a high school graduate as it explores her life from infancy to graduation. It features more than 300 photos and contributions from about 40 people — friends, family, teachers and more! It is filled with stories, memories, reflections and good wishes.

Mike Weddington: Wakeboarding Champion by Lou Weddington; Mike and Nancy Weddington
This book traces the earliest days of Mike Weddington's passion for wakeboarding through training and first competitions, ultimately leading to earning the title of World Champion. It features the recollections and stories from friends, family and fellow competitors.

3150 Studio Artists: Women Inspiring Women exhibit
This photo DVDs commemorates the fiber art created by the 3150 Studio Artists and featured in an exhibit entitled Women Inspiring Women. The exhibit uses the influence and inspiration of women artists, past or present, to inform contemporary work, resulting in pieces rich with intertextuality in media, form and content.

Keith Amos: A Celebration of His Life
Keith Amos made his mark wherever he went. Growing up in small town Minden, LA, he was known as the smart kid who had gifts and talents to make something special of himself. As a student at Xavier University in New Orleans, teachers and fellow students recognized that Keith was going to be going places. At Harvard Med School, his growing talent as a physician was starting to blossom. His skilled precision as a surgeon grew exponentially when he was a resident as Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University Med School in St. Louis. His natural ability to connect with patients came into full fruition during his surgical oncology fellowship at MD Anderson in Houston. His innate passion for advocacy and teaching combined with his other natural talents at the Lineberger Cancer Center at UNC-Chapel Hill to make Keith the ideal doctor. But Keith was more than that. His love for his wife and his children, his generosity with friends, and his zest for life created a man with an indomitable spirit. This is his story.

Keith Amos: A Celebration of His Life is available from

Webbed Toes: A Birth Mother's Life Story By Winifred Latham
In this personal history publication, Winifred Latham takes readers on the journey of her life, from growing up in small town Washington, North Carolina, to earning a nursing degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, to locales both stateside and international during her career as a United States Air Force nurse during the Vietnam War era. This candid memoir shares Latham's story as a young woman who was date raped before finishing nursing school in the late 1950s and, finding herself pregnant, her agonizing decision to give the baby up for adoption. Woven throughout the narrative is her struggle to maintain the secret that she carried with her for 35 years. Latham's story goes full circle when she receives a letter out of the blue from a woman who knows about the child she thought she would never see again. This book is available on Amazon and can be ordered at a discount from Lulu

MaryMac Kear's Chapel Hill Scrapbooks
This volume reproduces photographs, correspondence, ticket stubs, and other souvenirs collected by MaryMac Kear during her time in the Chapel Hill in the 1930s and 1940s. It is the ultimate preservation of a family member's cherished memories.

All Night Parties, Cocktail Bars: Ten Years of Touring, Friendship and Fun
Amanda Pustz celebrated her friendship with Rhonda Rivera with this 150-page book. It explores their relationship through ten years of correspondence, photographs and mementos.

Ingrahaven — A Hundred Years By Elizabeth Reid Murray
This publication explores the history of the house named Ingrahaven in Wadesboro, North Carolina, built and owned by members of the Ingram-Little-Davis family. The book also recollects some family history as well as provides a look at everyday life for a family in North Carolina from 1912-2012.

Grimley/Jones/Conrad Family History Project. Multi-year project organizing and documenting existing genealogy, developing timelines for more than 100 ancestors, conducting original research and interpreting historical documents. Maintained digital files and genealogy database. Conducted oral history interviews for family history knowledge and personal history stories. Documented and inventoried family artifacts. Wrote narrative for book on 19th century sea captain.

Mudville. A Senior Honors English Project for Beloit College, Mudville is a work of creative nonfiction about the writer's maternal family's history of immigration to the United States in the early 20th century, moving to the South Side of Chicago and other areas of the Midwest, and passing down values and stories over generations.

The Great Society: Ladies Aid Society of St. Joseph AME Church. As part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph AME Church, the Ladies Aid Society embarked on a journey to explore their own century-long history within the confines of the illustrious church. Through oral history interviews, tributes to past and present leaders, and member bios, this book honors the contributions of the Ladies Aid Society and the women who spearheaded its efforts. The book is available through The Ladies Aid Society also created a digital exhibit to accompany the publication.

Lift Every Voice: The History of the St. Joseph AME Church Senior Choir.
The Senior Choir, established in the 1920s, has been a mainstay
in the church for the last century. They explored their history
as part of the greater 150th anniversary of the founding of the
church through a digital exhibit and self-standing exhibit panel.

Photographs By Inez H. Nash
This art book features a selection of photos taken by local photographer Inez Nash.

Mary Werner Beckman: In Her Own Words
Personal history publication based on oral history recordings

Quin Murray's Middle Eastern Trip Travel Journal
Illustrated transcript of a 1973 travel journal

History of the Sandwich Club
of Raleigh, North Carolina

Co-authored with Dr. Raymond L. Murray

Memory Frame
Wedding Anniversary of a local couple,
Robert and Jo

Memory Frame
Wedding Anniversary of a local couple, Juan and Anna

Zell Brown Chapman
Family photograph album also includes short narratives on the history of Zell Brown Chapman and her family. This Memory Book was created for our client's grandmother who had dementia. It focuses on photographs and is organized chronologically with a short family history so her grandmother could acquaint herself with her own past. An excellent tool for reminiscence therapy.
Don & Linda: 45 Years
This tribute book celebrates a couple's 45th wedding anniversary through the stories and good wishes of friends, family and loved ones.

Family photograph album
Project included digitizing and editing family photos

Adoption Photo Book

Raymond L. Murray Papers
Facilitated large donation of books and papers to NC State University Libraries on behalf of former NC State Professor

Other projects from IHS historians

Wake: Capital County of North Carolina, Vol. 2 by Elizabeth Reid Murray and K. Todd Johnson.
Collaboration including writing, editing, organization and development of footnotes and bibliography.
Historic Raleigh, co-authored with Kenneth E. Peters. Photographic history narrative published by Arcadia Publishing as part of "Images in America" book series, 128 pp., July 2002. Historic Raleigh traces the city's transformation from its earliest days as a seat of government to today's role as one of the South's premier cities.
Businesses That Built Raleigh. Exhibit Catalog published by Sheriar Press for the Raleigh City Museum, 50 pp., September 2001. Features a narrative of the history of businesses in Raleigh, oral histories, and business biographies.
Let Us March On: Raleigh's Journey Toward Civil Rights. Exhibit Catalog published by Sheriar Press for the Raleigh City Museum, 40 pp., April 2000. Features a narrative on the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Raleigh; oral histories; and a chronology of civil rights events both locally and nationally. Recipient of the 2000 North Carolina Museums Council Print Award.