Services provided by Interwoven Heritage personal historians include family history books, genealogy managment, personal histories, life histories, oral history interviews, ghostwriting, writing and producing commemorative books, editing, photograph management and scanning, memory books, family tree design and more.

Our services

  • Write and design Family History books including narratives and stories
  • Ghostwriting for memoirs, autobiographies, personal histories
  • Produce Tribute Books
  • Conduct and transcribe oral history interviews
  • Create/design original, unique family trees for books and displays
  • Find repositories for historical/professional materials
  • Digitize and preserve photos, including some editing services
  • Reproduce scrapbooks and albums
  • Conduct End-of-Life Interviews
  • Design and prepare exhibits/displays
  • Assist with preservation of family souvenirs, documents, photos
  • Organize and preserve documents
  • Write/produce legacy biographies (books/CDs/albums)
  • Preserve and present travel journals
  • Manage and preserve genealogy/ancestry research
  • Create Memory Books for family members with dementia and other health challenges
  • Create photographic DVDs

Family history books. Having a book created that chronicles your family history is the perfect way to preserve the stories of past generations for those in the future. Combining genealogical research with your own family history collection — letters, documents, newspaper articles, photographs and family legends — Interwoven Heritage Services historians can pull together facts into engaging narratives focusing on the stories each generation holds. We'll work with the genealogy you have or with professional genealogists to research your lineage, provide vital historical context and create a book that will become a lasting family legacy. Family history books can be extensive or narrowly focused.

Ghostwriting services. Have you always wanted to write that memoir or autobiography? We can help you through our ghostwriting services. We will work with you to develop the voice and tone that work best for your project as well as the narrative flow. We can start from scratch or work with you hand-in-hand to create the publication you want.

Personal history. Personal history is a powerful way to connect one generation to another. Using a variety of resources (recorded oral history interviews, memoirs, photographs, or documents, for example), our Interwoven Heritage Services historians can create a unique personal or family history for you. Products can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire and your budget allows. A personal or family history can be brief — as short as a single page — or a full-length book. Other options include a decorative Memory Frame or a CD. We will work together to develop a project that fits your needs and meets your budget.

Tribute Books are an excellent way to commemorate a special event or milestone, like a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation. Too often we don't take the time to tell people how important they are to us until it is too late, but a Tribute Book is a great way to do just that. Our historians help clients pull together stories, recollections and good wishes from the friends, family and other important people in a subject's life. Stories and congratulations are combined with photographs and forever preserved in a professionally-designed publication. A short oral history of the subject(s) may also be featured. Tribute Books make distinctive gifts.

Oral history. Despite modern technology, more and more people are losing touch with their personal history and connection to the past. One of the most immediate and effective ways to preserve a piece of the past is through the technique of oral history. At Interwoven Heritage Services, we can conduct oral history projects for individuals, families, businesses, groups, and other entities.

Unique family trees. We can design a visual family tree for display or to include in a publication. We can use photographs and other illustrations to develop a family tree that is both informative and visually appealing.

Business or organizational history. Businesses and organizations have histories of their own that need to be recorded and preserved. These histories can help communicate the important role a business or organization has played in a community and the achievements it has earned. Like personal or family histories, we will work with the business/organization to develop an appropriate, individualized project.

Photographs and artifacts are important pieces of the past, and we will help you take steps to preserve both. We can digitize your images and find the best way to display them, whether in a CD/DVD or an elegant album. We also offer basic photo editing services to take away some of the flaws that time creates on images — discoloration, scratches, brown spots, and more. We can also find the best storage options for your personal heirlooms that meet your budget.

Mouse over an image to see the improved version:

Color correction.

Corrections to remove scratches, holes and spots.

Scrapbooks and photo albums have been popular for generations. Unfortunately, many of the oldest scrapbooks and albums were made using materials that are now deteriorating. We can digitize the originals and reproduce them in new archival-quality publications. Keep the same format or use only a selection of the original — the choice is yours! Do you have other family members or loved ones who would also like a copy? No problem. We can print as many as you need.

Memory Books Our Memory Books are a beautiful way to reacquaint your family member with dementia or memory loss with his or her own personal history. The book features limited text and chronicles your family member's history with photographs. It can be used as a tool in reminiscence therapy and can provide a way for family and friends to connect with the dementia patient.

Photographic DVDs Are you interested in having a video made with your family photographs, like those wonderful history documentaries? We can create a montage of your family photos, include a recorded oral history, and make a lasting family keepsake that you can share and present. We also work with professional videographers and producers for other video projects. Our photographic DVDs can feature hundreds of images, captions, text, music, short videos, audio clips and more. Excellent for weddings, retirements, events and personal collections.

End-of-Life Interviews. We will be honored to conduct an end-of-life interview with your terminally ill loved one. These interviews are audiotaped and provide your family member with a time for reflection of his or her life, share family stories, and wishes for future generations. These interviews also provide the family with a gift of memory that will be enjoyed for years to come. For more information regarding the benefits of end-of-life interviews, please follow the link to The Beneficial Effects of Life Story and Legacy Activities.

Organizing one's documents. Whether they are documents on your family history or a collection of professional work, we can create order out of chaos and design an organizational system that anyone can understand and use. If you are ready to find a permanent home for your documents, we can assist you in finding an appropriate repository and facilitating a donation for now or the future.

Commemorating events or milestones. Whether an anniversary, wedding, military service, retirement, or other important achievement in your life, we can design and develop an individual project to record and celebrate life's important achievements. We have several products that you can choose from to pay the appropriate tribute you desire.

Design and prepare exhibits/displays. Are you looking for a way to share your history? For your special event, we can design a display of your history. Present it at a family reunion, wedding, or even a business conference.