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Testimonials ~ Here are a few examples of what people are saying. . . .

Thank you for your dedication to his project. I still am amazed that I was able to find exactly the right people to take this mass of paper, books and random memories I had amassed and have it get assembled into a real live book. Living nearby made it possible to work closely and efficiently together (as well as to have a great deal of fun doing it!). Your expertise and professionalism show through all the pages of the book.

Dick Wicks, Client
Biotech Entrepreneur, Cary, NC
Project: Family history book
"Wood Meets Leather: The Ancestral Journey of the Wicks-Gerber Family."

Mom ... continues to tell me how much she enjoyed working with you and capturing so many memories she had forgotten about. She said it was like therapy for her!
Fran Cash, client
Nashville, Tennessee
Project: Mother.s Life Story (via oral history)

Jenny Kulikowski has been an invaluable guide in helping me compose a narrative of my life history. Jenny's research was so thorough, she discovered valuable information kept hidden in government records for years. My family and close friends were impressed with the resultant book and I am grateful for her professional assistance.

Anna Glowacki Munoz, Client, Garner NC
Project: "DP: My Journey as a Displaced Person"

We recently completed a 15-month project with Interwoven Heritage Services to produce a book commemorating our son's journey to becoming a world champion athlete. I was going to put together a scrapbook or digitally produced book for his 40th birthday and gathered many boxes of materials that included personal photographs, professional photographs, newspaper articles, magazine covers and articles, sponsors' ads, etc. I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of materials that I had no idea how to organize. After hearing Jenny speak at a Sunday School class, a friend told me what they did and it seemed to her they were just what I needed. Was she right! After an initial consultation with Jenny and Gail, we met monthly and they systematically organized everything into manageable files. They also have the necessary equipment to transform data into more professional formats that would be suitable for a book. Their abilities to synthesize, rewrite, creatively manage and edit so much material was amazing. Their ideas were invaluable in helping us include other people in ways we had not thought of. Not only were they gifted in their professional capacity but they were a great pleasure to work with. These are experienced, capable and talented women who do an amazing job as historians. We feel so fortunate to have had the privilege of working with them!

Nancy and Mike Weddington, Client, Raleigh, NC
Project: "Mike Weddington: Wakeboarding Champion"

When I first spoke to Jenny about this book, I had one special person in mind: my 98-year-old grandmother, who took many of the original photos for the family album. In just a few weeks, Jenny was able to compile a polished, striking book that I took with me to visit my grandmother, who lives in another state. As we read the book together, seeing those photos allowed us to connect, overcoming the barriers of hearing and short-term memory that make it difficult to communicate with my grandmother. She was delighted with her book.

So were her three other grandchildren, who received their own copies for Christmas. I also sent a book to a cousin whose mother had scanned many of the images from the family album. My grandmother's caregivers wanted to read it, and they gained a fuller picture of her life and personality. Friends asked how they could create books for their families.

I heartily recommend working with [Interwoven Heritage Service]. [Jenny and Gail are] consummate professionals with a strong design sense as well as a love of history. I'm so pleased with the finished product.

D'Lyn Ford, Client
North Carolina State University News Services
Project: Family Photo Album, "Zell Brown"

Excellent ideas, thorough knowledge of and access to sources for needed help, an "artist's eye" for page designing, skills in caption-writing and preparing images for use in the publication — these are a few of the skills that Jenny [and Interwoven Heritage Services] brought to my project of producing a picture book about my extended family and the hundred-year-old house in Anson County we lived in.

I am quite sure I could not have produced the book without Jenny's help, inspiration and skills. Both hardcover and paperback editions are beautiful, and family members, who contributed stories and pictures, love it.

Elizabeth Reid Murray, Client
Wake County historian
Author of
Wake, Capital County of North Carolina, Vols. 1 & 2
Project: Family/House History, "Ingrahaven: A Hundred Years"

Gail and Jenny patiently and creatively turned decades worth of photographs stored in deteriorating albums and shoeboxes into a project that was both manageable and enjoyable to work on. I have great admiration and gratitude to both of them for their tireless and enthusiastic efforts in helping me create an orderly, visually-pleasing digital collection of family photographs that will preserve memories for many years to come.
Chapel Hill
Project: Photograph Preservation

My big box [arrived today] and this is truly exciting. Thank you for a job well done. Wow, the letters and pictures are unbelievable and to think our decedents will be able to see these too. Forever. I am so happy to have this project completed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is no ordinary book. This is a full color, hardbound 154-page (including our picture on the last page) printed book in an 8.510 landscape format. It is truly a complete representation of most everything that my friend and I have been together in the very short ten years that we've known one another. I was completely flabbergasted when I opened the package, and I pretty much remain that way this morning. I spent much of the past two days reading every single word in the book.

I have to thank Interwoven Heritage Services. If you ever consider putting your own story in print like this, I highly, highly recommend checking them out.

Rhonda Rivera, subject of a Friendship/Tribute Book
Project: All Night Parties, Cocktail Bars: Ten Years of Touring, Friendship and Fun

Jenny Kulikowski and Gail Deaton of Interwoven Heritage Services are doing a thorough job with my life history through oral history. When completed, the project will have added important information to our family's story. What the girls are doing is just fantastic.

Margie Haywood, Client
Curator, Haywood Hall
Historic Preservationist
Project: Life History (in progress)

In my opinion Interwoven Heritage Services is on the cusp of a very important, yea critical new "industry" (though I hate to call it that) -- namely, that of assisting those countless numbers of bewildered people who are frantically trying to collect and collate all their treasures of family history and anecdotes in the form of old (analog) photos, news clippings and personal letters -- old "Super-8" and other forms of video-tape -- that just take up space, get older, browner and more dog-eared as this fast-paced world tosses us along in the maelstrom of digital perplexity!

Enter Interwoven Heritage Services, a small business that has virtually all of the key answers to the above dilemma, and can take care of your treasured memories in a sophisticated and scientific way that will ensure their longevity for generations to come.

Four words immediately spring to the forefront of my mind, when I walk away from a session with Gail and her colleague, Jenny: POISE, PERSONALITY & PROFESSIONALISM -- and PEACE!

What, you may ask, has "Peace" got to do with business? Well, if you have the wrong type of person working alongside you in the sensitive process of sifting through your life's memories, this task will become an even greater nightmare than it already is. With Gail and Jenny to assist, you have a genuine team of quiet, sympathetic listeners and highly professional advisors who are there to ensure that your every desire is met with compassion and understanding.

Alan Donaldson
Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University
President-Elect, NCSU Association of Retired Faculty

Gail Deaton of Interwoven Heritage Services has been an invaluable resource in the planning and implementation of our Hospice of Wake County Legacy Program. Our Legacy Programs helps preserve hospice patients' stories for future generations. Gail has helped us produce quality Legacies for our patients and she has also conducted training seminars for our staff and volunteers. She is compassionate, dedicated, and skilled at interviewing and training others to conduct life review interviews and preserve their important documents. I would highly recommend Interwoven Heritage Services to anyone looking to preserve their own (or a family member's) life story and/or artifacts.

James Butler
Volunteer Services Manager
Hospice of Wake County

I loved writing my notes for [Don and Linda's] 45th anniversary [tribute book]. It was fun reliving those days.

Diane Peterson, contributor,
Project: Tribute Book: "Don & Linda: 45th Anniversary"

I recently realized that I have never thanked you for... the Sandwich Club History. I really appreciate... the great work you did on it.

Perry L. Grady, Dir of Business Development, American Assn of Textile Chemists & Colorists
Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University, Member of the Sandwich Club of Raleigh
Project: Organizational History: "History of the Sandwich Club of Raleigh"

First off, this is a professional, art-quality book, not just in the materials (which are exquisite) but also in the layout and the historical referencing. Mostly, though, this book is a treasure of the Pustz family history. In 45 minutes, we didn't even make it half-way through the book because the various pictures brought up memories and stories. The funny thing is that I HAD stories, or memories of stories really, because I am not even born until the end of the book. What a delight! Thank you [for] this beautiful book. There is truly something to be said for a quality piece of work. The luxuriousness of the pages make you not just want to linger, but to delve into the lives of these people who are our ancestors. That is the gift of an historian! Wow! Thank you!

Alice Port Kornblum, Schererville, Indiana
Project: Family Photo Album, "Lisiecki-Pustz Family Photo Album"